Environmental Hygeine, Health & Safety

Today's topic will be covering multiple aspects of "prepping for re-occupancy," especially focusing on environmental hygiene, health and safety & emergency response.

Our guest SME's will be senior leaders from AECOM. AECOM is more than just sports architects. They provide extensive pandemicplanning, environmental health &safety, decontamination and industrialhygiene services. And they're working with many of the world's leading organizations, from governments to pro sports leagues to return to operations. Safe to say they'll help us think differently about "return to play" in our own venues. AECOM has supported a varietyof projects in response to theCoronavirus-19 pandemic. They aresupporting USACE on multiple FEMAmissions to provide additional bedspace at alternative care facilitiesin New York (deployed to SUNY OldWestbury Campus on March 30) andin Nashville (deployed to the MusicCity Center on April 6). For some oftheir private hospital and municipalcustomers they are also providingprogram management, health & safetyplanning, environmental consultation,and other professional services. Forone municipal agency who is turningtheir convention center into analternate care facility, AECOM is providingguidance on their health and safety anddisinfection procedures as they plan totake in Coronavirus-19 patients. Our guests will be: Mack Astorga – Environment Risk Management + team leader for AECOM with their Return to Service efforts. Mack is one of AECOM’s lead authorities in real estate portfolio asset management, serving large real estate owners for almost 30 years. Mack’s career has focused on providing expert advice and oversight in corporate risk management and business strategy, with an emphasis in environmental real property portfolio management. Martha Boss, CIH, BCSP, PCQI – Certified Industrial Hygienist Martha is an expert in risk management with 29 years of experience. The various resultant determinations of her work have been used to support development of environmental, health and safety program criteria and implementation worldwide. Areas of expertise include industrial hygiene studies to determine contaminant spread and dispersion analysis; statistical parameters, severity and probability assessments for health risks; toxicological profiling; determination of applicable occupational chemical exposure limits and biological safety levels; laser safety; and electromagnetic frequency studies. Martha is co-editor and author of the 1) Handbook of Chemical Regulations: Benchmarking, Implementation, and Engineering Concepts; 2) Electrical Safety, Systems, Sustainability, and Stewardship; 3) Building Vulnerability Assessments; 4) Biological Risk Engineering Handbook and 5) Air Sampling and Industrial Hygiene Engineering texts published by CRC Press. Mark Payne – Director of Business Development for AECOM Sports. Mark is a sports industry veteran having worked both internally and externally in the college space for twenty+ years. Mark has been with three different multimedia rights holders in a sales and leadership capacity. Mark has also worked internally on campus in facilities, marketing, ticketing, sales and administration.

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