Who is Your Dr Fauci?

What Medical leader is helping you drive strategy in going back to Game Day?

Our guest SME today is Dr. Cole Barfield. With Dr. Barfield, we are going to be discussing some of the top considerations that every sports & entertainment organization needs to think about when making a plan for return to operations.

Dr. Barfield's 5 key considerations for any organization returning to operations: 1) Communication (w/ local government and local health partners) 2) Adaptability (w/ capacity allowance) 3) Vigilance (thinking through every aspect of the operation differently) 4) Culpability (partner with your lawyers and focus on safe processes) 5) Coordination (what are the roles and responsibilities to make decisions?) In past few months, Dr. Barfield and his team have worked with airlines, fast food chains and financial institutions to create systems and plans for returning safely. Dr. Barfield is a practicing Internal Medicine physician with HCA healthcare and serves as Chief Medical Officer of Wellview. Dr. Barfield brings a unique perspective to this unprecedented COVID-19 health challenge facing employers. He is a practicing Internal Medicine physician and performs both inpatient and outpatient care. During the pandemic, he has personally cared for coronavirus patients in the hospital and clinic setting and has also served on two hospital task forces on the conservation of PPE (personal protective equipment) and on developing policies for resource limitations. He is co-founder and chief medical officer of Wellview, the leader in measurable health engagement. During the pandemic, Dr. Barfield has overseen the extension of Wellview's existing health management solution to include COVID-19 response. Additionally, Dr. Barfield is providing consultative support to clients by providing assistance & support on safe, cost effective return to work policies in multiple industries. To reach Dr. Barfield, please contact him at: cbarfield@wellviewhealth.com For more information on how Wellview Health is helping organizations prepare for a return to operations, visit:

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